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Paintless Dent Removal 

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HEAD OFFICE: Fairview Office Park, Unit 18, Office 1, 1st Street George, 6529

TEL: 044 871 0111 CELL: 079 273 5788 | EMAIL:


HailStorm Auto Repair specializes in the removal of minor dents from the body of a motor vehicle by making use of a paintless dent removal method. A wide range of dents can be removed using this method as long as the paint and the paint surface remain intact. This is commonly used on door dings, hail damage, and minor dents. The PDR method allows for repairs without using conventional panel beating, body fillers or spray painting, thereby reducing the repair cost considerably. We are a professional dent removal company with 8 years’ experience in paintless dent removal. We offer our clients an in-house service at the convenience of their premises or city. We can remove up to 99% of all visible dents without having to paint the motor vehicle, and make every effort to provide the best possible result for any kind of dent, hail damage or stubborn dings. Our dent technicians and consultants receive expert training, ensuring that we deliver the highest quality service. We guarantee that we only use environmentally friendly products which effectively remove dents without harming our client’s motor vehicle. We pride ourselves on being a reputable company which is often approached by companies that cannot handle the volumes of motor vehicles which have been damaged by hailstorms during the rainy season and we are more than capable of repairing in excess of one hundred damaged vehicles per week.

We believe that by providing our clients with a mobile service countrywide, we are able to deliver a service which is truly client centric. During challenging times we are able to save our clients the hassle of taking time out of their busy schedules by taking our service to them. We pride ourselves on quality workmanship that is delivered in an efficient and professional manner.

We know that sometimes life brings about storms and that unfortunately none of us are exempt from life’s storms. HailStorm Auto Repair aim to be the preferred paintless dent removal provider for the South African motor vehicle owner as well as Short Term Insurance Providers by assisting our clients to weather the storm.